What is Digital Publishing?

We can see a lot of published media in internet such as books and magazines in a software or electronic form that can be produced in many formats.  The articles from websites are considered as digital publishing. The first ever digital publication in the history is the book of Project Gutenberg. It is the popular and original digital publishing library. Until the evolution of computer became reliable in the life of people. The CD-Rom which is a drive in a computer commonly became a digital publishing.



It is used to store the books and magazines titles into a soft copy file. PDF file is one of the best known document formats that most people are using today. It can convert document in a multiple format that clearly help us to make our work easier and lesser. Until the World Wide Web began to explode in all businesses. It became a tool of mostly people to share their content all throughout the world. This is the time where the Amazon starts to sell their books online.



After a couple of years, the Google announced their best ever digitize books and offer it online. Until the Amazon updated their features in online publishing of their e-book market which became on the top spot of e-book sales. Even the Apple I phone device also create their digital publishing world through games. It made a successful way by itself to carry a computer within your pocket that makes the sales soared in the market.